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Martin Rys

I am a Linux systems administrator born and currently living in Czechia.

My hobbies are reverse engineering, embedded electronics, creating and self-hosting varying services.

My hobby projects are available on Gitlab.

Work experience:

  • November 2016 - Present
    • System administrator in a team of three for an SMB in the field of logistics - My role consisted of dealing with helpdesk tickets, implementing monitoring systems for servers, server maintenance and automation.


Technical background:

  • Programming languages: Bash, Python, PHP
  • Operating systems: Linux - Ubuntu, CentOS, Arch
  • Virtualization/Containerization: LXC/LXD, KVM
  • Webservers - Apache, Nginx
  • Automation - Ansible
  • Monitoring - Elastic Stack, Grafana, Smokeping
  • Other - Nextcloud, Radicale, FreeRADIUS, InfluxDB, MariaDB/MySQL, Redmine


  • Languages: English, Czech
  • Driver's license: AM, B, B1
  • EU/EEA citizen: Yes
  • Year of birth: 1997
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