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This page is a list of software and services I use, I try to stick with software that is free and open-source(bonus if it has a copyleft license).

I denote the license in brackets, if it is not free and open source, I mark it red, as I don't really want to recommend such but it is what I'm stuck with.


  • 7-Zip , p7zip (GPLv2 with unRAR restriction) - archiving tool
  • Arch Linux and Arch linux ARM as my OS for my computers and VPS
  • Arduino IDE (GPLv2/LGPL)
  • Calibre - Read ebooks, especially EPUBs
  • Charles (proprietary) – for HTTP monitoring
  • Cheat Engine (No license, source code available) – hacking flash games/SP games - Never attach this to games that use an anticheat unless you aren't afraid of being banned
  • Deezloader Remix (GPLv3+) - Download songs from Deezer
  • ffmpeg (LGPLv2.1+) – for simple video editing
  • Firefox (MPL 2), Chromium (BSD/MIT/LGPL) - Browsers I use. Chromium is an open-source browser that Chrome builds upon.
  • KeePassXC (GPL) - Cross-platform password manager, supports OTP (including Steam)
  • Krita (GPLv3), GIMP (GPL), digiKam (GPLv2) - tools for image editing/drawing
  • Libreoffice (various open/copyleft licenses) - An office suite. Be aware that OOXML standard that Microsoft Office uses by default is sometimes(very often) not displayed correctly anywhere, so get people to save in ODF formats instead.
  • MultiMC (Apache v2) - Minecraft launcher
  • Mumble (BSD, GPL), Riot (Apache v2), Telegram (GPLv3, proprietary server) - chat/voice/video clients with E2E encryption that are actually worth something. I use Telegram for stuff that can be insecure as they roll their own crypto and don't encrypt conversations and group conversations by default
  • Nvidia drivers (proprietary) – Since the open-source noveau drivers aren’t advanced enough yet
  • OBS Studio (GPLv2+) - capturing video/streaming
  • Flameshot (GPLv3) - Screenshots, let's you draw over the screenshot while taking it.
  • qBitTorrent (GPLv2+) - A torrent client.
  • redshift (GPLv3) - tool for colorshifting to rest your eyes
  • smplayer (GPLv2+) with mpv (GPLv2) as a backend - to play videos
  • Steam (proprietary), GOG Galaxy (proprietary), Uplay (proprietary), Origin (proprietary), itch (MIT) - clients for games
  • SmoothVideoPlayer (proprietary) - to do on-the-fly video interpolation - let's me watch movies and shows in 144 FPS
  • virt-manager (GPLv3+) and KVM/QEMU (GPLv2) – for virtualization
  • youtube-dl (The Unlicense) - video/audio downloader

Windows only

  • AIDA64 (proprietary) – To get system specs, temps
  • Chocolatey (MIT) - A package manager
  • CrystalDiskInfo (MIT) - Monitoring tool for your drives and temperatures of your HW
  • Everything (proprietary) - Tool for searching your files and folders
  • HashCheck (BSD-style) - Add hash sum feature to the Properties tab of files
  • MSI afterburner (proprietary) + Kombustor (proprietary) – for GPU stressing, overclocking and checking on temperatures
  • Rufus (GPLv3) – To create bootable flash drives when I’m stuck with Windows.
  • ShareX (GPLv3) - screenshotting, capturing video, editing screenshots
  • WinAuth (GPLv3)- 2-factor-authentication, has integration for custom 2FA like Steam,, …
  • WinDirStat (GPLv2) - Tool for visualizing your disk space to help you clean useless stuff

Linux only

  • ANGRYsearch (GPLv2) - Tool for searching your files and folders
  • Flameshot (GPLv3) - A screenshot tool
  • gparted (GPLv2+) - Partitioning tool. There is also a live image.
  • KDE Connect (GPL) - Connect your phone with your desktop - share clipboard, files, read SMS, control the music player…
  • nano (GPL) and gedit (GPLv2) – For text editing since I’m too lazy to learn vim or emacs
  • pavucontrol (GPLv2) - sound mixer/audio control
  • QDirStat (GPLv2) - Tool for visualizing your disk space to help you clean useless stuff
  • Tauon Music Box (GPLv3+) - My favorite music player
  • WINE (LGPLv2.1+) - Windows compatibility layer - play Windows games/use Windows software


  • AdAway (GPLv3) - Blocks ads system wide, requires root
  • FreeOTP (Apache v2) - 2-factor-authentication, only has basic TOTP with no gimmicks
  • F-Droid - Open source store with open source apps.
  • KeePassDX (GPLv3+) - Using it to access my password database. Using Nextcloud to sync it.
  • NewPipe (GPLv3) - Youtube player with all the features you could ask for
  • Nextcloud (AGPLv3) – For cloud backup and file sharing
  • Open Camera (GPLv3) - Camera app
  • Google services (proprietary) - Gmail, account sync and such. I hope I can migrate all to Nextcloud sometime soon.
  • StreetComplete - Help make OpenStreetMap better!
  • Usb Mountr (MIT) - Fakes mass storage so you can boot an image from your phone instead of using a flash drive. Requires root.
  • WiFiAnalyzer (GPLv3) - Neat tool that shows APs, their settings and their signal strength. Doesn't show whether WPS is locked or not(Android API limitation).

Browser addons

  • AutoScroll (MIT) - Chromium - Middle click to scroll, just like in Windows
  • EditThisCookie (GPLv3+) - Chromium - Cookie editor
  • Enhanced Steam (GPLv3) - Chromium, Firefox - Makes the steam website stuck less
  • HoverZoom+ (MIT) - Chromium - View video/images upon hover
  • Reddit Enhancement Suite - (GPLv3) Chromium - Make Reddit bearable
  • SSL Grade (GPLv3) -Chromium - Test website's TLS settings on ssllabs and show their grade
  • Tamper Monkey (GPLv3) - Chromium - Run various scripts
  • uBlock Origin (GPLv3) - Chromium, Firefox - Block ads, popups and similar stuff.
    • Make sure to enable extra filter: Options → Filter Lists → Ads → Adblock Warning removal list

    ## Some tips

  • Update your firmware where you can - UEFI (confusingly called BIOS by most manufacturers, able to download from your motherboard's manufacturer's website), possibly your drive, soundcard from your headphones,…
  • Learn to recognize what an executable is and do not run any that you do not trust, then you have no need for an AV as long as you keep the software up to date (Chocolatey is a huge help with managing updates)
  • Dual boot some Linux distribution so you can later escape the hell that is Windows
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