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 Download and install [mpv-git from AUR](https://​​cgit/​aur.git/​snapshot/​mpv-git.tar.gz) Download and install [mpv-git from AUR](https://​​cgit/​aur.git/​snapshot/​mpv-git.tar.gz)
-Set up mpv socket - <​code>​echo > ~/​.config/​mpv/​mpv.conf << EOF+Set up mpv socket - <​code>​cat > ~/​.config/​mpv/​mpv.conf << EOF
 input-ipc-server=/​tmp/​mpvsocket ​    # Receives input from SVP input-ipc-server=/​tmp/​mpvsocket ​    # Receives input from SVP
 hr-seek-framedrop=no ​               # Fixes audio desync hr-seek-framedrop=no ​               # Fixes audio desync
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