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 ### Creating a bootable flashdrive ### Creating a bootable flashdrive
-To create a bootable flashdrive for Windows you'll need a 4GB+ flash drive(some "​4GB"​ flash drives have less space than required so if you're buying one get a 8GB or more one). For Linux, it depends on distribution. You should be fine with 1GB for Arch, but hey, 16GB flash drive is like 5$ today. 
-Keep in mind that the flash drive will either be (U)EFI bootable, BIOS bootable(often named legacy in UEFI options) or both. 
-To actually boot from the flash drive, go into your UEFI/BIOS settings and either find the option to boot directly from the flash drive or rearrange your boot order to boot from flash drive first. +[[Creating_a_bootable_flashdrive| Instructions here]]
- +
-[[System_administration#​Creating_a_bootable_flashdrive| Instructions here]]+
 ### Installing an OS ### Installing an OS
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