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Table of Contents

I wish for

  • Custom keycaps. There's not an Arch Linux logo on the meta key and that bothers me.
  • Lightpack - or something similar. Would prefer to make something myself.
  • An oscilloscope
  • 144Hz 4K 30-40“ IPS/OLED monitor and a PC capable of running it. One can dream.

Some Wishes Granted

  • Audio-technica ATH-ADG1 - Did a challenge for those. They sounded horribly to me, got a HyperX Cloud 2 instead (Fuck you Lars)
  • SanDisk Extreme USB 3.0 64GB - Do not buy any flash memory from SanDisk, they're a piece of shit(that includes SSDs!)
  • non-analog monitor -.- - THANK YOU LARS
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